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Achievement Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the Achievement mod for Minecraft PE: get to play with a large number of various advancements.

This Achievements mod adds an achievement system to the game, just like on the PC version! Now it’s much more fun to play Minecraft, as you’ll have certain tasks and to unlock an achievement you have to meet its conditions, such as killing a monster.

Especially cool, that the interface is made very nice and you will be comfortable to watch the achievements.

Updated. Russian language is included, nothing was cut or deleted.

Minecraft PE players who like to perform tasks in the game, and have already passed 1000 different achievements, will love this mod. After downloading the add-on, Steve will get new objectives.

The author has provided a special menu where several categories are present. The mod will be a good opportunity to make the gameplay more interesting.

New Achievements

The mod will add 50 achievements in Minecraft PE. The developer has created a fairly user-friendly interface, as well as sound and a menu with a list of completed tasks.

A total of four categories with interesting achievements. All the new goals for Steve are in the game menu.

Handy command /function score shows the number of completed achievements. Typing /function display shows another scoreboard with achievements.

Player Advancement

The developer of this mod offers Minecraft PE players to add new interesting achievements to the game. By the way, the interface of the addon is a bit like the PC version.

This addon will add as many as 50 achievements to the game, which will be displayed right on the screen.

Available achievements

Among the four categories that this mod will add to Minecraft PE, there is mining different resources, creating new weapons and more.

Craftsmen will also have to travel to other dimensions of the game, where they will need to defeat strong opponents.

The most unusual category will be farming: the player will have to search for food and tame animals.

By the way, there will be a special screen in Minecraft PE showing all the information about your achievements.

The /function check/progress and /function check/all commands are required to access your progress.


  • How do I get all of the advancement in achievements mod for MCPE?

    You'll have to spend a lot of time there.
  • How do I mine obsidian?

    Use a diamond pickaxe.
  • How to I get iron?

    Melt iron ore in furnaces.


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