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Airplane Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
Plane Mod for MCPE

Download the plane mod for Minecraft PE: get to fly on gigantic vehicles and set yourself free to the skies.

Planes are a very useful transport, not only in real life, but also in Minecraft as addons. Transport cargo, move yourself, and have fun with your friends.


Adds wood glider to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Not only will you be able to fly it, but you’ll also be able to put a real chest in it. The chest will not just be a decoration, it will have full functionality. With this aircraft, you will be able to quickly transport goods over long distances.

Remote control

The Addon has a large and modern remote controlled plane. You will need a remote control to control it. Only the remote control is implemented as a third-person flight, but that doesn’t hinder it. On the contrary, it adds a peculiar dynamic to the game.


In this addon a small, compact and miniature plane will appear. It looks like a wagon with paddles. Despite the fact that it almost looks like a wagon, but mechanically it is much better, because almost no one uses wagons in Minecraft for their direct purpose.


Chances are you all know about the corn planes that are used in the fields to irrigate the soil. The plane is very pretty on the outside and is made of wood. You can fly it and explore the whole world of Minecraft Pocket Edition.


  • How do I start the engine in the Airplane mod for MCPE?

    You need some snowballs to throw at it.
  • Is the wartime plane fast?

    It is relatively quick.
  • Where are all the chickens?

    They have been replaced by planes.


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