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Among Us Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the Among Us map for Minecraft PE: explore the famous spaceship and determine who the sneaky imposter is.

Features of the Among As map in MCPE

The multiplayer game Among Us has recently become extremely popular. Therefore, even its fans have decided to create maps in Minecraft PE as well.

The internet is already full of various maps where players have to solve a major mystery.
In general, most of these maps do not have any unique features, but the usual ability to walk around that ship is already pleasing to players of Minecraft PE.

The Enemy Among Us

The main feature of this survival sandbox location is the included addon. It is thanks to it that this map begins to play with all its colors.

The authors note that this map is for the most part only suitable for exploring and housing, but not for searching for traitors. Even the built-in Minecraft PE mod only adds twelve colourful characters.
What’s more, if you kill someone here on the map, the corpses of your victims will be lying around the corridors. By the way, this spaceship’s territory itself is pretty big.

The thing is, there are literally all the locations that are in the original. Thus, the true fans of the detective game will definitely appreciate it in Minecraft PE.

Among Us

By the way, there has long been a minigame Murder Mystery in Minecraft PE. Just like in Among As you need to find the murderer, who is one of your buddies.
This map uses this minigame as the basis, but also borrows the spaceship from Among Us. The location is thus a combination of something new and something old.

There’s still a bloody and brutal killer lurking somewhere, and the ship’s cast is trying to find him and get rid of him in Minecraft PE. You’ll need four to ten players to play.

In other words, it will require coordinated teamwork to succeed.



  • Can I play this Among Us map online?

    Yes, you can.
  • Can I change my skin any time I want?

    Skins cannot be changed during the match.
  • Are there Easter eggs hidden throughout the map?

    Yes, and you can even try to find them all.


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