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BedWars Maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download BedWars Maps for Minecraft PE: popular minigames can now be played in singleplayer.

The best BedWars maps in Minecraft PE

BedWars is one of the most popular mini-modes of the mobile game in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The point of this mini-game is to break your opponent’s bed, with your bed intact.

If you die, you will be reborn as long as the bed is intact, once it is broken you need to be extremely careful not to die.
Bed Wars game mode is very interesting, and it is even more fun to play with your friends. That is why we have collected the best Bed Wars maps and are ready to give it to you!

SG BedWars

This is a fully automated poor wars map for Minecraft PE with a good shop.
Made in a desert style and here you need to play with friends, for full atmosphere it is best to play with 4 people.
In order to buy an item you need to put resources into a chest and you will be given the item you want.
A list of all trades is in a special book.

The Redstonist Bedwars 2.0

This bedwars is very similar to the one on the most popular java edition server called Hypixel.
The Redstonist Bedwars 2.0 is based entirely on redstone mechanisms and is very clever.
The area itself is very large and you can play here with a large group of friends. To buy resources, there are inhabitants who will sell you weapons, tools, blocks and lots of other cool stuff.

SG BedWars X-Max

Similar in construction to the first one, but done in a New Year’s style.
It is very atmospheric and a good time to play it in these cold winter days, because spring is already coming. But SG BedWars X-Max has slightly different bidding than the first one.
Also for winter lovers, we recommend downloading the best New Year’s Eve maps for Minecraft PE.


  • How many players at least should there be to play Bedwars in MCPE?

    Four players would be enough.
  • How many players can play Bedwars maps in general?

    There can be maximum sixteen players.
  • Where do I get stuff?

    Trade bricks, iron and gold ingots for a sword or a piece of armor.


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