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C4 Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.17.0 for Android
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Download C4 mod for Minecraft PE: explode anything you want with powerful devices for destructions.

The C4 Bombs mod for Minecraft PE will add new explosives to the game, which will be more powerful than even a few TNT blocks, so you can get, as well as enjoy epic explosions instead of those from the standard bomb in the game, no longer surprising anyone. TNT blowing up blocks, as written above, will surprise no one, so on the expanses of the Internet there is a new addition, which we share – it will become a replacement for the creeper. That is, there will no longer be such a mob as the creeper in the game and C4 will replace it.

In terms of blowing up power, this bomb is much more effective and powerful, unlike the TNT. You can blow up anything you want: buildings, caves, mobs and the like. By the way, this is a great way to collect the resources you need: you plant the bomb in the right place and then detonate it, then it remains to collect the destroyed blocks – a very convenient, practical and time-saving method.

Bombs are easy to find, because the mod C4 Bombs for Minecraft PE replaces the creepers, and they tend to be – not a rare occurrence, but if you want to get a new item quickly, just activate the creative mode and use the eggs spawn creeper.

The explosion will take an estimated 10 seconds, which is enough time for your character to get to a safe distance. This is very important, otherwise you risk to lose some of your life or die, because this bomb is much more powerful than TNT. Its explosion, on the other hand, is very large in range.

Setting up:

  1. Download the mod with the extension .mcaddon;
  2. Then locate it and run it, thereby importing it into the game;
  3. Open the game and go to world settings;
  4. Under `Resource packs’ and `Addon packs’ select the imported resource packs (addon);
  5. Restart the Minecraft PE game.


  • Where can I get this C4 in MCPE?

    Usually, they replace already existing items.
  • Are the explosions big?

    Yes, most of the new dynamites blowing everything up.
  • Can a C4 kill a player?

    It surely is capable of doing it.


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