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Cars mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the car mod for Minecraft PE: Players can play with super fast vehicles.

If you’re tired of walking or tired of travelling on horseback, download any of the 15 car mods for Minecraft PE for Android. Take your pick and enjoy the game!

Minecraft PE Cars Mods


An extensive mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition that runs on the Block Launcher. Thanks to it, more than 20 types of vehicles have been added to the game, including many cars.

Ford Mustang

A beautiful red car known to all as the ford mustang. Very quick and fast. And she looks daring. You will definitely love it as it also has a 27 slot boot! Convenient as it holds the stuff that wouldn’t fit in your inventory there!


Surprisingly, inside the file is the mod itself as well as the map! Yes, it’s karting, just like in real life! Don’t forget to have a race with your friends over the network!

There are different colours of cars:

  • The red one is a zymogorgon;
  • blue – Skeleton Exterminator;
  • green – skeleton;
  • orange – pig-zombie;
  • yellow – cadaver.

Operated with a key (a carrot on a fishing rod). There’s also a helmet (a chain mail helmet) to protect against possible head impacts.


Appreciate luxury cars and do not like to drive on a budget car? Then try out this modification for Minecraft PE. Cars are worked out and look as similar as possible in Minecraft Poket Edition!

Replaces the witch. Controls are a carrot on a rod.

Race cars

Do you watch racing on TV but never get a chance to drive those super fast cars? Then now’s your chance! With this mod you’ll be able to cross huge distances without any problems!

The cars change the spiders, but that’s hardly a game changer, unless you have some formidable formidable spiders coming at you at night! To drive, keep a carrot rod.


If motorsport isn’t to your liking, then here’s an alternative means of transportation in Minecraft PE! The swanky look and high speed will give maximum adrenaline! The motorbike replaces the caveman spider.

Police Car

If one of your longtime desires was to ride in a police car and be a policeman, your time has come. It’s the perfect way to get into a race against the bad guys. Get together with friends and have a Need For Speed right in Minecraft PE!

3D Car

Another racing car with a pretty good design elaboration. It looks very unusual because the model is three-dimensional, as evidenced by the presence of many facets. Operated by a key (the carrot on the rod). Replaces the creeper.

Hot Rod

You may have played other computer games, or seen shows where such machines were involved. Now you can see them in Minecraft PE.
Sitting in one will make you feel like the coolest thing in Minecraft PE! You don’t need any carrot rods to ride, the controls are like a horse, which is very handy!


If you like to ride off-road, it’s better to choose a Jeep. You can drive it anywhere, which is very cool! They replace the spider and the cave spider. It is controlled with a key (a carrot on a fishing rod).


Dreaming of becoming a firefighter, and you want to become one soon? This mod gives you that opportunity! Put out the fire that has engulfed your house or entire village! Accommodates up to three people, so it can also be used in multiplayer.

You need a key to get in the fire engine. There is also fireman clothing (chainmail armour). The car has a boot so you will definitely need a key to get in.


The famous sports car is now in Minecraft PE on Android! The yellow Camaro won’t let you stand still!

Golf Car

Sometimes you get tired of traveling the world of Minecraft PE on foot. There is a solution! Golf cart mod! Although it’s designed for “golf” type maps, you can also drive it around the world! No extra fuel required, only a key (carrot on a fishing rod) is needed. Replaces the creeper. Alas, it only has a seat available.

Ford Mustang GT 2015

The 2015 Ford Mustang GT, which is capable of gaining breakneck speed in a matter of seconds. It’s one of the most powerful variants, with a real-life top speed of up to 160mph.

You’ll find several varieties of colours for the car in Minecraft PE. You can use it for racing or for fun.


  • Are these cars fast?

    Yes, these autos are swift.
  • Can they be obtained in Survival?

    Only a few of them can be obtained in Survival mode.
  • Can autos swim?

    No, if you try to swim you will drown.


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