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Castle Maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download castle maps for Minecraft PE: graceful buildings made of cobblestone, huge stables, and enormous kitchens for the brave knights.

Territory Castles for Minecraft PE

Lumhill Manor

This is a castle that is located in the middle of a dense forest. The construction is done in a medieval style. The castle is even detailed on the inside. There is a town around it, with a market, residential houses and barracks. This map is well suited for multiplayer.

There is a river and mountains close to the castle. Here you can not only explore the castle, but also fully survive from the steep location. The castle is apparently abandoned, as it is overgrown with grottoes and moss, it is clear that there has been no one here for a long time.

Forstellen Fortress

The castle is located in a very steep mountain, both literally and figuratively. Unfortunately, the inside of the mansion is not worked out, but the outside takes your breath away. Play this map with your friends and let them enjoy it too.

The pros of this map is hardcore survival, because this castle is on the mountain around which the river. And you will be forced to find convenient ways to develop, to trivialize the resources you have to go down and dig a mine, and then back up again.


Here you will find a castle in the middle of the jungle. It is very beautiful because of the cool combination of quartz and stone in its construction. The structure is well designed both outside and inside. On this map you will be provided with wood and beautiful blocks.
There are many things to see, such as the drawbridge or the towers with the library. Even the castle from the outside is a pleasure to look at.



  • How big are those castles?

    They are approximately 100 by 100 blocks.
  • Can you use these maps as your server's?

    Of course, they would be a nice spawn on your MCPE server.
  • Is there a loot in castle chests?

    Usually, there is nothing to find in the chests.


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