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Chiseled Me Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.13.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Chiseled Me mod for Minecraft PE: Increase and decrease your body size freely in the game. This mod allows you to resize in Minecraft (like in the movie Ant-Man).

If you don’t get any new features after installation, this mod may conflict with others. Try to keep only this mod.

Requires version 1.13+ (1.14, 1.15, 1.16 and so on), works on all Minecraft platforms.

Resize your character

You can shrink up to 128x, increase up to 32x (if you shrink too much, you may get errors).

This can be done by using the Ant-Man suits you can buy from the villager (armourer).


  • 2x reduction – 8 emeralds. 2x increase – 8 emeralds and 8 diamonds;
  • 4x reduction – 12 emeralds. 4x increase – 12 emeralds and 12 diamonds;
  • 8x reduction – 16 emeralds. 8x increase – 16 emeralds and 16 diamonds;
  • 16 times reduction – 32 emeralds. 16 times increase – 32 emeralds and 32 diamonds;
  • 32 times reduction – 64 emeralds. 32 times increase – 64 emeralds and 64 diamonds;
  • 64 times reduction – 96 emeralds;
  • 128 times reduction – 128 emeralds.

To reduce, you need to use the Call Egg: Press the RMB, hold down the mouse (on phones, press the ‘Ride’ button) next to the costume. You can return to normal size by using the Shift key.


The more you shrink, the fewer enemy mobs will attack you, the slower you will move and dig blocks.

  • By shrinking by a factor of 2, you’ll be able to climb through gaps the size of 1 block
  • Shrinking by a factor of 4 will allow you to climb through gaps the size of half a block.
  • Shrinking by 8 times, you won’t be afraid of falling from heights.
  • Shrinking by 16 times, you will be able to climb through a sand shower or through a gap between the portal at the end and a block

Shrinking by 32, 64 and 128 times, you will be able to climb into the smallest crevices. You will be almost impossible to see.

By shrinking, you will reduce the amount of health you have. If the suit takes a lot of damage, it will drop an egg for its calling.
(You can’t swim in the suit and you have half your life, so be careful!)


The stronger you get, the fewer hostile mobs will attack you, the faster you’ll move and the more life you’ll have.

Increasing and Decreasing Mobs (in progress). For this feature, you must enable experimental mode.

You can shrink or increase a mob with Pim-Particles. You can buy them from a villager (Weapon Wizard) or give them to yourself on command:

Pim particles that reduce:

  • / give @s antman:pim_shrinker_essence_(increase)x

Pim particles that increase:

  • / give @s antman:pim_big_essence_(increase)x

Instead of (increase) or (decrease), substitute the number by which you want to decrease or increase yourself.

The more you increase mobs, the faster they will move and the more health they will have. They’ll also increase their attack power (if it’s a zombie or wolf) and blast radius (if it’s a creeper).

The more you shrink the mobs, the slower they will move and the less health they will have. They will also have reduced attack power (if it’s a zombie or wolf) and blast radius (if it’s a creeper).

For now, you can resize the following monsters (this list will be updated):

  • Creeper;
  • Zombie;
  • Pig;
  • Cow;
  • Sheep;
  • Wolf;
  • Fish, squid;
  • Drowned;
  • Dolphin.

Change log

Update for aquatic!

  1. Added ability to resize dolphins, squid, all kinds of fish and drowned!
  2. Fish and dolphins of different sizes can appear in the world! (4x zoom out to 4x zoom in)!
  3. Corrected errors with translation.
  4. Pim particles are now in the creative inventory.


  • Download the addon itself.
  • Open the file.
  • Apply the behaviour and texture packs in the map settings.


  • Where can I get this armor from in Chiseled Me MCPE Mod?

    Villagers sell them.
  • What villager sells the Antsuits?

    You need to find armorers.
  • How do I change my shape?

    Technically, you mount the suit you bought.


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