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Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft PE: entirely overhauled settlements and their inhabitants.

Create a new world and make sure you are in survival mode. You will be given a Crystal Ball item (ID: 4000) (will be in your inventory). Tap the ground with this item to continue.

You will find yourself in a small room with bookshelves and an enchantment table. Click on the table to decide your fate. A small graphical interface will open and here you have to choose whether you want to be a man or a woman.

The next question that appears in the window is which gender you wish to marry. You can choose both male and female (Either), but in this case I chose Females.

You will now be asked to enter your name, but this is not yet working, so just click on Continue.

How do I interact with the residents?

You will be able to find people in the villages. To interact with them you will need to hover over them and an “Interact” button will appear. Click on this button and the interface will appear.

As you can see the interface is made very nicely. The name of the resident will appear above them.

Interact Options

  • Interact [Interact] (under development);
  • Follow me [Follow me] will walk behind you;
  • Stay here [Stay here] will stand still;
  • Move freely [Move freely] will just walk;
  • Trade [Trade] is in progress;
  • Set home point [Set home] is in progress;
  • Special [Special] is in development.

And as we said before, not all features are still working in the mod and they will be added in future updates.

Other Features

At the moment most of the items are not implemented and they are not needed for anything yet, but they will work fully in the future.

Item IDs and Crafting

Item IDs are in brackets:

  • Magic Crystall Ball (4000);
  • Baby Boy (4001);
  • Baby Girl (4002);
  • Spawn Male (4003);
  • Spawn Female (4004); Spawn Male (4004);
  • Needle Needle (4005) – 1 iron bar;
  • Needle and String (4006) – 1 Needle + 1 String;
  • Cloth (4007) – 1 Needle and String + 1 white wool;
  • New Outfit (4008) – 8 Cloth;
  • Tombstone (4009) – 6 Tombstones + 1 Tablet;
  • Whistle (4010) – 4 iron ingots + 1 plaque;
  • Divorce Papers (4011) – 1 ink bag + sheet + 1 quill;
  • Villager Editor (4012).


  • Download the archive with the mod from the link below and unzip it;
  • Open BlockLauncher and go to settings;
  • Select the “ModPE script” section and click on “Add”;
  • Find the unzipped archive file and click on it to add it;
  • Mod installed, enjoy the game!


  • How do I marry a villager in the Comes Alive mod for MCPE?

    You need to mine a diamond and give it them.
  • Can I engage many people?

    Yes, you can do that as well.
  • How many children can I have?

    The number is limitless.


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