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Doctor Who Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.13.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the Doctor Who mod for Minecraft PE: multiple unique mobs with superhero abilities will either help the player or mercilessly kill it.

A map for travelling through space in Minecraft PE

TARDIS is a fully functional system that can be used to travel to a system of different planets that exist in the Doctor Who universe. The planets include places like Skaro, Gallifrey, etc. But that’s not all, they also add 10 new mobs to the game.

We can come across a time machine and spacecraft that can be used to travel to a whole hoop of different planets and locations. You can swap between 17 different control rooms, each with different functionality.

It is recommended that you spend some time in TARDIS before you go anywhere to explore the universe.

Let’s get down to the locations that exist in the Doctor Who universe.


This place includes a large landscape, but the main attraction here is the Citadel. In the Citadel you will find hostile time lords and the Carne sisters. So be warned. On the lower level, villagers will appear and if you are lucky, a robot dog will appear.


This place is ideal if you are in need of ore mining. There are a lot of producers in Daly town, so be careful.


This is a frozen land with abandoned villagers and a large factory that you can explore. Cybermen are hiding a secret under the factory. There are a lot of manufacturers here, so don’t enter without a weapon. Go and visit the Tranzalore Cemetery and pay tribute to your fallen friends. This is an imported Void biome.

Visit a replica of Bowie Base with your crew. Go to the surface and explore the desert landscape to see what Mars has to offer. Go to a small lunar base. There are some minerals there, but be careful and watch out for local pests.

Important notes: Mondas and the Moon are set up so that it will always be night when you go there in the Tardis. It won’t rain on Mars or the Moon. The fog in the far distance in the sky is a layer of glass to keep out the rain.


  • How do I find these new mobs in Doctor Who MCPE Mod?

    They replace existing mobs.
  • Are new mobs friendly?

    No, some of them will attack you.
  • How do I get new weapons?

    New mobs drop them, and you can craft them too.


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