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Dropper Maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.17.0 for Android
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Download dropper maps for Minecraft PE: engaging minigame with tons of different locations and challenges is in the game.

What is a Dropper location in Minecraft PE?

The point of the dropper is to jump from a great height and hit the water. But it’s not all that simple, height is only half the trouble, your task while falling is to avoid different obstacles.

If you don’t get into the water or if you hit an obstacle you die. This type of terrain will not only entertain you, but also pump up your gaming skills in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Super Mega Dropper

Performed in a flashy style, its difficulty is that all levels create the illusion of deceiving your vision. And while you’re falling, your brain won’t know what’s going on, you might even get dizzy. Under these conditions, it’s very difficult to hit a small hole of water. There are several levels to get through.

The version of Minecraft 1.2+, it works even on the latest versions of the game.

X Dropper

16 different levels. Each of them has a different style and theme: it can be a mine or a sea dungeon. In general, anything associated and associated with Minecraft PE.

What makes the terrain special is not only its beauty, but also the fact that each new level is harder than the previous one. That’s why you won’t pass it so easily.

Mega Dropper

An old-timey Dropper map, but still unique and interesting. The levels on it are dark and gloomy, which gives some difficulty while passing it. There are many different levels available.


  • How do I win in an MCPE dropper map?

    All you need to do is to hit the water way down the map.
  • How do I get over obstacles?

    You'll have to be quite patient and have good reflexes.
  • Are these maps useful?

    Yes, these maps train your ability to quickly choose in crucial situations.


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