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FNAF Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download FNAF maps for Minecraft PE: experience the horror in the lovely game, which is now full of terrifying things.

The FNAF Universe in Meincraft PE

The Five Nights with Freddy series has long been recognized by users in the gaming community.

It’s all about a special atmosphere, which the developers have tried so hard to convey in the map FNAF 1 for Minecraft PE.

The creators of the map placed in the location the most typical things for FNAF: phone, thematic posters, a special desk and festive decorations.

All of these objects are an integral part of the story that has made the horror so famous.

Horror atmosphere

Uncomfortable atmosphere in the first part of the horror map FNAF 1 create not only scenery, but also the plot.

In the map Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 in Minecraft PE you play as an ordinary security guard, who has to keep the place for 5 whole nights and still survive!

That’s right, the pizzeria isn’t as simple as it seems, so there are skeletons in the wardrobe here too.

No employee has yet been able to survive all five shifts, making the task almost impossible. The game on the FNAF 1 map starts at midnight sharp, ending at 6am.

The further into Minecraft PE you go, the harder the challenge becomes.


As mentioned above, the FNAF 1 horror map harbours a secret threat. Naturally, we’re talking about animatronics.

In Minecraft PE, these creatures only activate with nightfall and their only purpose is to get to the player.

There are four key characters in FNAF 1: Freddy, Chika, Bonnie and Foxy.

Each of the characters has an individual pattern of behaviour, which makes their route through the pizza parlour vary.


Further complicating the task is the fact that in FNAF 1 the player will have a limited supply of resources.

You’ll need to keep an eye on your energy consumption. Or the game in Minecraft PE will end quickly and you’ll have to play the storyline all over again.


  • Are there new mobs in MCPE?

    Yes, there are certainly brand new creatures willing to kill you.
  • How do I fight off animatronics?

    Use cameras and in-game instructions to successfully survive.
  • Can you play it in multiplayer?

    Yes, you can and should since it's funnier.


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