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FNAF Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
Five Nights at Freddys

Download FNAF mod for Minecraft PE: Experience the true horror as you try to escape from the cataclysmic animatronics.

This add-on adds animatronics from the popular video game Five Night at Freddy’s. You can do whatever you want with them, use them as weapons or turn them into pets. There’s even a mini-boss of your own.
Many of the animatronics are neutral towards you. This means that it’s best not to annoy them. If you run into them, they will attack you.

Even disinterested gamers have at least heard of a game like FNAF. Indie horror is loved by many users because of its identity.

Five Nights with Freddy is one of the few games that managed to attract such attention in a relatively short time.

The main attraction of the horror game is the animatronics and their unusual nature. The look of the robots is both repulsive and appealing in its brilliance.

Such innovation only fuels the interest of users and attracts even more players to the universe of FNAF.

It is no wonder that such mods have appeared in Minecraft PE. You can get acquainted with the creepy animatronics on the cubes and maybe even turn into a scary robot yourself!


This mod for Minecraft PE is divided into several parts, each of which corresponds to the story chapters of FNAF.

One thing that remains the same, however, is the animatronics. In all parts, the main antagonists are still robots.

In the second chapter you’ll meet toy and old versions of the characters, in the third episode phantoms appear and in chapter 4 nightmares.

You will not be able to turn into heroes, but you can tame them! The player will have no problem making friends with the animatronics, whose behaviour is now friendly.

Realistic animatronics

The animatronics, on the other hand, are not so peaceful. In Minecraft PE you’ll get to know this version of the robots.

It’s worth noting that the developer has really worked on the character models, making them look incredibly realistic.

They are not just blocks of figures, but full-fledged mobs that have clear outlines and shapes.

It’s quite interesting that you have to transform yourself into animatronics. The robots in Meinkraft PE are bloodthirsty, so they will go after Steve and his friends. Equip yourself with a toy Freddy mask so you will not be discovered!

How do I tame the animatronics?

Animatronics replace villagers in the game. To find Animatronics, you must first find a village. To do this, simply walk around the world until you find the village.

Once you find the Animatronics, you will need a pizza to tame them. The pizza will be replaced with an iron bar. When you feed an animatronic again, it regenerates its health.
The animatronic is not particularly strong, but it is quite useful.

Here you can see what is available in the game:

  • Freddy;
  • Foxy;
  • Freddy the Golden Freddy;
  • Chika;
  • Boney.


This Fnaf mod adds a mini-boss named Ennard to Minecraft PE. He replaces Enderman and has better stats than him:

  • Health: 50 hearts;
  • Attack: 50 units.

Ennard is the main villain in the Five Night at Freddy’s computer game series. He looks like a robot with a human silhouette and is made of mechanisms and wires.


  • Are animatronics dangerous in MCPE?

    Yes, they are actually perilous.
  • How can I beat them up?

    Get some armor and durable sword.
  • What's the best strategy for fighting them off?

    A bow with arrows must be enough to deal with them.


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