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GTA Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download GTA mod for Minecraft PE: Turn your peaceful sandbox into a cruel game with gang fights.

The GTA San Andreas bandit city and its inhabitants have become a theme for many mods, including Minecraft PE. Players will be able to engage in street battles, run into criminal gangs and gain access to firearms and edged weapons.

Street Fighting

This addition will please those players who have been using past versions of Minecraft PE. The developer has replaced the skeletons of the game world with gangs from GTA.

By the way, the criminals will be armed with assault rifles, which will allow them to attack from a distance.

The mod will also add police officers, who will help Steve fight the bandits. Representatives of the law and order will appear in MCPE instead of the Pyglin.

GTA World

To get the most complete picture of the city of San Andreas and its inhabitants, it is better to use this mod for GTA in Minecraft PE. The author has included all the significant characters of the story in the build.


Since the main characters change in different parts of the game, the mod includes them all: Claude, CJ, Tommy, Nico Bellic, Franklin, and Michael and Trevor from GTA 5 await players in the world.

The gang members will help Steve fight other gangs.

The addon adds the traitor Big Smoak and other members of the Grove Street Gang to the world of Minecraft PE. Their opponents will be mobs from the Ballas Gang.

Players will also encounter a police officer, a businessman, an FBI agent, and townspeople from the GTA.


Of course, the developer of the mod is not without weapons from GTA. Minecraft PE players will be able to choose a long-range option: Ak-47 and Uzi will do decent damage from afar. For close combat a baseball bat and baton come in handy.

By the way, the modification includes a special armor for protection against bullets. You can also transform into characters using their armour.


  • Where can I find Ballas members in MCPE?

    They spawn in warm biomes.
  • Who are the Vagos?

    They replace dangerous skeletons.
  • How do I get new weapons?

    Since they only replace old tools, you can craft them the same way.


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