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Helicopter Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download helicopter mod for Minecraft PE: get a chance to fly swimmingly across your world.

Features of helicopters in MCPE

Many modifications for Minecraft PE add a plethora of different helicopters, but most of them are still related to the military theme.
That is, most helicopters will be combat helicopters. However, there are obviously some civilian ones as well.


The name of this addon in Minecraft Bedrock Edition translates as “Black Hawk”. As you can understand from the awe-inspiring name, this addon is military.

This means that you are no longer afraid of any mobs, because the helicopter attacks all creatures that are within a radius of 16 blocks.

Note that this helicopter in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a replacement for the flare. That is, it can only be found in Survival Mode in the Lower World.

By the way, one of the most useful features of this device is that you can put something inside the helicopter. So it also serves as a container.


This addon for Minecraft PE also adds a military helicopter. By the way, it also replaces a flasher in the Lower World.

To fly it, however, you need a diamond sword. That is to say, without picking up a sword made of precious diamonds, you won’t be able to control the flight of this machine. What’s more, the helicopter has a great design.

It’s entirely unique, albeit a bit simple: it’s painted dark black, and it emits the effects of fire in Minecraft PE when it flies.

Civilian Aircraft

This mod for Minecraft PE adds not just one helicopter to the game, but a whole set. Users of MCPE will have the opportunity to fly different types of helicopters.

Note that they do not have any firepower, and they are also single-seat and have a variety of colours. There are blue, red, green and others.

To fly a helicopter in MCPE, you will need a lump of coal. It will give you 75 seconds of flight time. It’s not much of a problem, because finding coal in the game isn’t hard at all.


  • How quick are the helicopters?

    In MCPE, they are quite fast.
  • How many items can you store in Helicopter Mod?

    It's capacity equals to the chest.
  • How many players can use the helicopter?

    Unfortunately, only one user can fit the helicopter in Minecraft PE.


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