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Jurassic Craft Mod For Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE and get to see real and deadly dinosaurs.

Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE

If you love the Jurassic series of films – then this modification is definitely for you.


As we remember, they played a big part in the movie. Here it’s exactly the same. This is a raptor dinosaur. It comes in 7 different colours.


Predatory and dangerous. Aggressive to anything that moves. Don’t go to any lengths to tame it. You’ll be ruined. If you see one, run. We think you get the idea.

The Indoraptors

A beautiful and simply perfect dinosaur. It’s also a predator. A bucket of milk may infuriate it, so do not provoke it.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

As we know this is one of the biggest and most dangerous dinosaurs. They are friendly only when they are young. When they grow up, you shouldn’t touch them. Here’s a little tip: you can only tame them when they’re small.

Indominus Rex

An artificially bred species of Tyrannosaurus. Four iron blocks and a pumpkin. Used as a boss, so don’t expect him to be kind. Once it’s created, run like hell. Otherwise you’ll be killed.


Also known as the Compsognath. It is the smallest of the species. It is predatory. On its own, it poses no threat. But if these dinosaurs gather in a group, you’re finished!


This is a species of dinosaur close to the pterodactyls. You think it’ll kill you? No! You’re wrong! It won’t even touch you with a claw!

Mosaurs and Thylosaurs

The most enormous reptiles that live in the ocean. They love the taste of blood. So if you like life, stay out of the water.


The friendliest dinosaurs you’ll ever see. They’re also easy to spot due to their long necks. Easy prey for predators.


Dinosaurs that actually existed look completely different. If you try to get close, they’ll spit venom at you that will blind you. If you get any closer, you die.


The most timid of dinosaurs. They’ll avoid the player by any means necessary. Predatory. They like to eat chicken.


The biggest dinosaur that ever lived. You think it can’t be tamed? No! You can tame it by feeding it meat. He’ll follow and protect you from anyone who hurts you!


A beautiful tame species. Once tamed, you can ride it like a horse. Most unintimidating dinosaur.


As deplorable as it sounds, this is “food” for large, predatory dinosaurs. Avoid the player.


Safe and friendly birds. Replaces the chicken. Can be found anywhere.


A dinosaur with a carapace that gives it a bigger advantage in combat as it has more life cores. Will not attack you unless you attack him!


A neutral dinosaur that has ‘horns’. Will not attack first. Avoids predators and large species.


The nastiest mob there is. Eats anything on the ground. If you die near it, you won’t see things again. Also a food source for predators.


Large snails that swim in the ocean of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Not dangerous.


These are vehicles that are just needed to explore the world of Minecraft PE. You can ride one and explore the landscapes of the Jurassic World! If you like to ride not only cars, but also boats, we recommend downloading the watercraft mod.

Decorative blocks

Blocks that are made especially for those who like to make maps. We think, too much to say about it.


  • How many dinos are now in Minecraft PE?

    There are more than 50 types of dinosaurs in the game.
  • Are there marine dinosaurs?

    Yes, there are marine as well as flying dinos in MCPE.
  • Who is the strongest of all of them?

    Indoraptor is believed to be the most dangerous creature of Jurassic Craft.


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