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Jurassic World Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Jurassic World map for Minecraft PE: Scary and friendly dinosaurs, tonnes of legendary locations and much more are now in the game.


After the disaster of 2015, Jurassic Park has been destroyed and you are faced with what was once a legendary park.

Abandoned Jurassic World is an incredibly beautiful map for Minecraft PE, which is sure to please all fans of the movie of the same name! Here you will find a huge island with a large number of buildings and locations from the movie. And practically in the middle of the island you will see a huge volcanic mountain.

Note that there are no dinosaurs on the Jurassic Park map. If you want to make your adventure even more interesting, you should download and install the dinosaur mods for Minecraft PE.

Some maps based on the movie Jurassic Park have already been created for Mynkraft PE. However, this one is already a classic and one of the best in its genre.

After watching the movie, you probably also wanted to dive into this universe and experience all the features of the prehistoric era. Thanks to the hard work of the creators, you now have the opportunity to do so!

The map not only adds elements from the movie, but also combines them with modern buildings from our own real life!


Since the locations from the movie are big enough and it would have taken a lot of time to recreate them, the developers have created only a fraction of what users saw in the movie. Therefore, in Minecraft PE we can see only an exact copy of the stadium from Jurassic World.

The stadium itself is located near the exit to the sea in the original, so it is advisable to lay out the map in the same way.

In addition to the large buildings, the developers have also added static figures of the largest dinosaurs shown in the movie. For example, players can observe a prehistoric giant named Indominus Rex. Although all the figures are simple decorations, they are really well done and easy to mistake for an image from reality!

One of the disadvantages of this card for Mynkraft PE is that it is completely flat, which makes it lose its realism effect. However, if you want, you can customise it according to your wishes and interests.


To play better in Minecraft PE, you can download various dinosaur mods or invite your friends to join you. You can even start a survival mode by adding monsters to the map.

Either way, your free time on the dinosaur map will be unforgettable!


  • What dinos can I find in MCPE?

    The most famous ones like T-Rex.
  • Can I mount a dinosaur?

    You can mount some dinos in the game.
  • Can those reptiles kill me?

    Yes, they are quite strong to do it.


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