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Map Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download map mod for Minecraft PE: The ability of players to understand where they are, have reached the next level.

What’s so special about these maps?

Sometimes it happens that you install a mod for cars in Minecraft PE, but you don’t want to build a map for racing. It is in these situations that such territories come in handy.

By the way, most of them consist of a particular location, made for the installed mod.

An excellent example would be Twilight Forest. This famous mod, as we know, is very large and will not work for the mobile version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

However, enthusiasts have found a way to overcome this limitation. They created a map with most of the locations of this mod and added mobs to them. Fortunately, there are a lot of them.

You must have Minecraft Pocket Edition installed for this app. The app installs in Minecraft PE: mods, addons, maps, textures, sids and skins. All completely free! Installation is a one click, no hassle.

Cods for Minecraft and addons for Minecraft

Here you can find the most popular, best and rare mods and addons:

  • Furniture mod
  • Weapon mod
  • Mod for cars
  • And also mods for transport, mobs, laki blocks, TNT, backpack and more.

Minecraft maps and sids for multiplayer, playing with friends and solo.

  • Popular: jailbreak, bedwars, skywars, laki blocks race, modern houses, skyblocks.
  • As well as the best maps: buildings, landscape, mini games, parkour, PvP, redstone, survival and many others.

Textures and shaders for MCPE that will make the game more colorful and realistic. Beautiful shadows, lighting and more. Install realistic shaders and enjoy the game. Different size texture packs:

  • 16×16;
  • 32×32;
  • 64×64;

Sides for Minecraft PE

A large number of rare siders as well as popular ones are available to you: village, landscape, island, buildings and others.

Skins for Minecraft (MCPE) contains the best, rarest and most popular skins. You will surely find a skin for you:

  • skins for girls;
  • skins for boys;
  • youtubers skins;
  • And also skins of monsters, characters, superheroes, heroes, from games, animals, military, robots, camouflage, anime, etc.


  • How to create a waypoint in the Map Mod for MCPE?

    Just press the button "Create waypoint" in the Settings.
  • How do I teleport in MCPE?

    You need to open Setting to teleport to a waypoint.
  • Can my friends see my teleport points?

    No, your points are personal.


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