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Super Mario Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Mario mod for Minecraft PE: famous enemies and allies, blocks, and items from the popular game series.

The Super Mario mod for Minecraft PE adds 15 new blocks to the game, which can be used to create maps.

Brief description

Nine blocks can be used for map design. The remaining six blocks have features that will be useful for the map.

  • Emerald block – start of level;
  • Redstone block – end of level;
  • Gold block – the coins that can be obtained by tapping the bottom of the block with your head;
  • Jump Mushroom block – each time the player steps on the block he jumps 6 blocks up;
  • Checkpoint Flag block – sets the respawn point;
  • Spike – the player loses one health heart when stepping on this block.

Demo Map

We have attached a short demo map where you can see how the mod works.

Block ID

  • Brick Block (200);
  • Decoration Block (201);
  • Ground Block (202);
  • Underground Brick Block (203);
  • Underground Decoration Block (204);
  • Underground Ground Block (205);
  • Castle Brick Block (206);
  • Castle Wall Block (207);
  • Castle Ground Block (208);
  • Level End (209);
  • Level Start (210);
  • Coin (211);
  • Spike (212);
  • Jump Mushroom (213);
  • Checkpoint Flag (214).

Mob List


Health: 20 Units;
NPC only.


Health: 30;
NPC only.


Health: 20;
Damage: 5 units;
Pain for Mario.


Health: 20 points;
The King’s henchman.

Shai Guy

Health: 30;
Damage: 8;
Shy, but dangerous.

King Boo

Health: 100;
Damage: 10;
Spawns Boo.
Fires fireballs.
And many more.

This add-on is still under development, so bugs may occur.


  • How do I get those blocks in the Mario mod for MCPE?

    Use your Creative inventory.
  • Can I get those in Survival?

    No, you cannot do that.
  • Is this mod server friendly?

    Yes, it can definitely be used on servers.


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