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Mo’Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.12.3 - 1.19.21 for Android
Get it for free!

Download Mo’creatures Mod for Minecraft PE for free: it adds a lot of new bosses and mobs to the game.

If you’re tired of the same kind of creatures, download the mod and you’ll enjoy new creatures!

The analogue of the PC version of Mo’creatures

This mod is the analogue of the most popular animal mod for the PC version of Minecraft Java Edition – Mo’ Creatures.

Pocket Creatures mod – this mod was created specifically for the pocket version of Minecraft by the developer GonzaAll, who once created the Mo’ Creatures mod for the PC version of Minecraft. Pocket Creatures is an analogue of Mo’ Creatures, which also brings many new animals to the Minecraft world.

Pocket Creatures is one of the largest and most complex mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which adds to the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition more than 50 species of animals of different sizes: from small chameleons to huge whales!

Each animal has its own unique body textures, including colour palette.


  • Where can I find whales?

    Whales are rather rare creatures that can be found only in deep ocean biome.
  • What's spawn egg ID of camels?

    You can get camel spawn egg by typing /give @your name 2829.
  • How can I craft a shark sword?

    For that you'll need 4 shark teeth and 3 sticks.


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