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More Ores Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the more ores mod for Minecraft PE: There are brand new minerals that you can mine and play with.

The production of some metals in Minecraft PE is too monotonous, which negatively affects the enjoyment of the process itself. The More Ores mod allows you to add some variety to your gameplay.

How does it work?

After installing the mod, 8 new types of minerals will appear in Minecraft PE.

  • Tin and Bronze;
  • Copper and steel;
  • Aluminum and Lead;
  • Nickel and Silver.

All of the above types of minerals have multiple forms. The only exceptions are steel and bronze, which are alloys, so you can easily craft them in Minecraft PE.

Minecraft Pocket Edition has an endless world that is densely packed with iron ore, coal, diamond, gold and emerald. Agree that this amount is not enough for such a gigantic world. Underground soils need to be filled with more ores. This is handled by the More Ores mod, which adds new types of ore to the game.

How does it work?

10 new ore types will appear in the game.

  • Tin;
  • Copper;
  • Steel;
  • Bronze;
  • Lead;
  • Aluminium;
  • Silver;
  • Nickel;
  • Ruby;
  • Sapphire.

Each new material can be an ingot, nugget or block, with the exception of steel or tin, as these are alloys. Steel or Tin can only be obtained by crafting in a workbench.

Also 8 types of swords from new ores will be added.

Sword Type (Damage, Strength):

  • Tin (5, 150);
  • Copper (5, 175);
  • Steel (6.5, 400);
  • Bronze (6, 325);
  • Lead (5, 100);
  • Aluminium (5, 225);
  • Silver (5, 75);
  • Nickel (6.5, 300).

In addition to swords and ore, the addition also includes apples:

  • Tin Apple (Speed at 2:30);
  • Copper apple (Increase jump speed by 2:30);
  • Steel apple (Protection 2 at 2:30, but takes away two life units);
  • Bronze apple (Speed, jump increase and 2:30 absorption);
  • Lead Apple (Slow down 2 and Protect 2 for 3 minutes);
  • Aluminum Apple (Levitation for 30 seconds, Slow Down for 45 seconds and Speed 2 for two minutes);
  • Silver Apple (Acceleration 2 and Speed for 2:30 and Night Vision for 5 minutes);
  • Nickel Apple (Speed and jump increase for 2 minutes);
  • Ruby Apple (Power for 3 minutes);
  • Sapphire Apple (Underwater Breath for 3 minutes).

The addition could be the start for other promising projects that will use new materials.

Use these commands to obtain the necessary items:

  • /function apples (to get all apples)
  • /function enchanted_apples (to get enchanted apples)
  • /function swords (to get all swords)
  • /function ingots (to receive all ingots)
  • /function nuggets (to collect all nuggets)
  • /function blocks (to get all blocks)
  • /function ores (to obtain all ores)
  • /function powders (to produce all powders)
  • /function nether_ores (to produce Lower World Ore)

Changes in the new version

  • Low World Ore;
  • New feature;
  • Steel armor in the furnace now turns into steel nuggets;
  • New Sapphire Look;
  • New stonecutter textures;
  • Bronze gunpowder can be put into the stove;
  • Changed the effects of enchanted apples;
  • Changed apple generation.


  • Where can I get a ruby in MCPE?

    It generates in caves.
  • Where do I get silver from?

    You can find it on the lower levels.
  • How do I get bronze?

    Although it's an alloy, you can mine it naturally in MCPE.


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