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Morph Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download morph mod for Minecraft PE: become your enemy and camouflage yourself.

Mod Morph in game

The first versions of Morph were released back in the days when the only way to make modifications was with BlockLauncher.

The addon will allow you to use all the necessary reincarnation abilities, but with some inconveniences.

In order to transform into any kind of mob you need to:

  • Enter Minecraft Pocket Edition;
  • Find an item called Morph in your inventory, either during creative mode or with Toolbox mod;
  • Approach the mob and hit it with this item. This item does not work on all of them, however;
  • If you need to get rid of the body of a monster, simply return to the world.

Installing the modification

  • Download BlockLaucher Pro;
  • Open it;
  • Click on the spanner;
  • Select Import, then select the mod file itself.

Morphing Addon

If you’re using the latest versions of the game, this addon is perfect for you. Like its predecessor the Morph Mod, the addon allows you to become various Mobs from Minecraft PE. For example, you can become a creeper, a zombie, a resident or even an edge dragon!

To become a mob, you will need to kill your transformation target at least once. After that, you can transform into it without the slightest problem.

However, it will be as if you hadn’t become a mob, but rather a mob in your body.

To fix it you have to run this command in the console:/effect @p invisibility 9999 1 true.

If you get bored or want to turn into another mob, just write this command in the console : /kill @e[type=!player,r=3].

Installing the addon

  • Download the file using the button below;
  • Click on the addon file;
  • While creating, or editing the world, select the addon file in the settings on the left;
  • Launch the world.

Staff of Transformation

The addon will add an amazing staff to Minecraft Pocket Edition that will allow you to transform into one of certain mobs. In order to become a creature, click on it with the staff, and then you will be transformed.

Mobs that you can transform into:

  • Zombie;
  • Pig-zombie;
  • Drowner;
  • Endermen;
  • Skeleton;
  • Zymogoras;
  • Skeleton Exterminator;
  • Creeper;
  • Ifrit;
  • Cow.


  • How many times can I switch forms in MCPE?

    You have unlimited possibilities to change yourself.
  • Can I become the Ender Dragon?

    Yes, all players can turn into the game's main boss.
  • Can you swim fast if you are a fish?

    Yes, for sure!


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