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Music Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download music mod for Minecraft PE: new sounds, epic music and the fantastic soundtrack is now in the game.

Musical instruments mod for Minecraft PE 0.15.6

This mod adds drums and rock guitars to your Minecraft PE 0.15.6 game world and you can even play them!

Here are some of the craft:

  • Drums (1999) – 3 oaks + 3 iron bars + 2 gold bars;
  • Stick (280) – 2 wooden boards;

You will need at least one stick before you can start playing.

To start playing, just press the button depending on which drum you want to beat.

Here are the guitar craft:

  • Guitar N1 (2000) – 1 oak board + 1 stick + 1 blue dye + 1 oak + 1 red rose
  • Guitar N2 (2001) – 1 oak board + 1 stick + 1 + bone meal + 1 oak + 1 ink bag.

Rock out with some of the most popular bands in rock and roll history! Strips include The Beatles, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the Sex Pistols.

In Minecraft PE you can add more tracks, get additional items to play songs and much more.

Vanilla Music

With this mod, Minecraft PE players get new background music in the game world. The songs are from the PC version and will be familiar to many users.

By the way, you can change the volume of the soundtrack in the menu settings.

New music

Minecraft PE has long been missing additional songs. The mod will introduce new music into the game. At the same time, any newcomer will be able to get them.

Among the available songs the author of the addon offers Alan Walker, PewDiePie, Dylan Locke, as well as Fun Baby Shark and others. Such a variety has not been made available to players before.

Using this modification is quite simple. The MCPE player must use the commands to play the songs:

  • /playsound music.thespectre @s;
  • /playsound music.congratulations @s;
  • /playsound music.sickbeats @s;
  • /playsound music.sickbeats @s;
  • /playsound music.welcome @s.

Own songs

With this mod it is possible to listen to your own music in Survival mode. You can add up to fifty songs to your Minecraft PE music list. To do this, you must first activate the experimental mode.

This way, the crafter can choose for himself which playlist he wants to listen to in the cubic world.

To control listening to songs from the list, the developer has introduced a special remote control. To get it, you need the command /give @p music:remote_control.


  • How do I turn on the music in MCPE?

    You can do it in the settings.
  • What are the ambient sounds?

    These sounds are naturally generating in all MCPE biomes now.
  • How do I adjust the tracks' volumes?

    You can change it in the Audio Settings.


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