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Mutant Creatures mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Mutant Creatures mod for Minecraft PE: extremely dangerous mobs and terrifying monsters.

The More Mutant Creatures mod will add improved mutant monsters to Minecraft PE They will be much bigger and stronger than usual.
It is a small but interesting addon for the game ported from PC version.

Where can I find mutants?

These monsters can only be created with special spawn eggs, which can be found in the Creative Mode inventory. You can also use third-party addons to obtain items.
The modification contains a huge selection of different monsters, including all enemy monsters and even some friendly ones.

By the way, they are not only much bigger, but also twice as strong. And agree, not everyone would dare to approach the villager mutant that looks like a three-metre tall jock-hammer.

Installing the mutant addon

  1. Download the archive and unzip it;
  2. Launch BlockLauncher and go to the settings;
  3. open the “ModPE scripts” section and click “Add”;
  4. find the script and click on it to install it.

New Mutants

This addon adds nine new mutants to the game, equipped with incredible abilities.

This addition makes Minecraft PE much more complex and interesting.
Among the special features: These monsters have no fall damage and cannot be knocked back.
Here you can see mutated versions of the standard monsters in the game. Each creature has its own unique abilities, as well as increased health and damage.

  • Zombie Increases Damage Power 130
  • Creeper Increased Blast Radius 180 cores
  • Skeleton Quick Archer Shots 120 cores
  • Exterminator Radius, Attack and Desiccation Effect Increased 130 cores
  • Pig-zombie Zombie Summons small minions 120 hearts
  • Wolf Can be saddled, increased damage to mobs 130 cores
  • Drowned Man Summons minions with tridents 120 hearts


  • How many stages does a pigman have?

    Pigmen have 3 stages in MCPE.
  • How many HP does a mutated wolf have?

    Its tamed version has 130 HP. The untamed one has only 80.
  • How can I find them?

    Their spawn rate is low, so you should dedicate more time on searching.


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