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Naruto Mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.1.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Naruto mod for Minecraft PE: embrace your superheroic nature and start saving the world from numerous new enemies.

Thanks to the mod, it will be possible to obtain abilities from the Naruto anime. Players will be able to choose one of the clans. Each clan will have their own abilities and powers. They can be enhanced.

How to get abilities

First, players will have to choose a clan. This is done in a special menu. Once selected, the user will receive a special item. This item will help the players to apply the abilities. There is an option to enhance items. Each ability has a final, powerful form.

Amplifiers and NPCs

Amplifiers will drop off after killing new NPS – heroes of the Naruto world. Collect the drop and combine it with the item.


  • The build will run in survival mode.
  • Use the sneak button to activate modes.


  • Added skins for mobs;
  • 4 new genkai;
  • New jitsu;
  • New eyes;
  • New modes;
  • New look for new mobs;
  • New weapons;
  • New boss fight system: Bosses must now be summoned for battle;
  • Removed boss spawn;
  • Senju drop evolution chakra;
  • Balanced all items.


  • HP – the amount of health you have;
  • NIVEL determines your chakra limit (100 to 350, increase level by eating chakra fruit);
  • CHK – the current chakra to use a jutsu. Each jutsu will spend a certain amount of chakra. To fill up with chakra you need to use the sneak button;
  • SPINS – are points for getting genkai from the genkai menu;
  • TP are training points. They serve as currency. To recruit, you need to kill mobs, use items or hit a dummy.

Don’t forget to enable Experimental Options in the map settings.


  • How do I get all these items in Naruto mod for MCPE?

    You can get using a magic spell or via Creative.
  • Can I meet Naruto?

    Yes, he spawns in the Overworld.
  • How do I fight off bosses?

    They are strong, but not so clever, try using some strategy.


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