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Pokecraft Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Pokecraft mod for MCPE and get to play with legendary pokemon.


If you’ve always wanted to become a real Pokémon trainer and collect Pokémon in Minecraft PE, PokeCraft is the mod for you. With it, the game will start randomly generating new funny creatures with unique looks and unusual abilities. The mod boasts high-quality textures of all the new creature models, which have a unique character and different behavior:

Squirtle – acts as one of the rarest of the added pokémon species, it is generated exclusively at night on the banks of bodies of water, and can only be befriended by a water lily.
Chermander – can be found on the tops of the highest mountains and is able to spew real flames that incinerate all around, taming is done with the help of charcoal.
Pikachu – a popular monster from the animated series, found in all biomes, loves light-dust, which you have to give him to make friends.
Bulbasaur – hides in the forests, and befriends those who give him reeds.

Get acquainted with the new monsters and the mechanics of their behavior can be right now, you only need to download the mod for Pokémon – PokeCraft and get the necessary items for taming. Collecting all the Pokémon is a daunting task that only a true wizard can perform.

Installing PokeCraft (mcpack)

  1. Download the PokeCraft mod.
  2. Run the two .mcpack files.
  3. Wait until the installation is complete.
  4. Start MCPE.
  5. Create a new world.
  6. Modify the world settings.
  7. Open the “Resource Sets” tab and select the desired texture pack.
  8. In the “Add-on Sets” tab, activate the mod.
  9. Restart the game.
  10. Launch the created world.


  • How many Poke Balls are there?

    There are nine Poke Balls in Minecraft PE.
  • What is an apricorn?

    An apricorn is a new type of trees.
  • How to craft a Poke Ball in MCPE?

    You need to find 3 red apricorns, 1 redstone, and 4 iron ingots.


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