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Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Redstone mod for Minecraft PE: keep in touch with the latest technologies allowing you to construct crazy things.

Features of the redstone mod in MCPE

One of the main features of Minecraft PE is redstone, also called redstone. It is this mineral that allows users to build unimaginable structures.

Its peculiarity is that redstone gives a signal that can activate various objects, such as lamps and doors for example. In this way, it is similar to the analogue of electricity. The material itself can be found deep in the mines. Often it will spawn next to the lava in Minecraft PE. That is, players will have to go down into the mines to automate many processes.

Pocket Energy

This modification adds to older versions of the game a redstone that wasn’t there before. Now everyone will be able to conduct light at home from lamps rather than torches. At the same time many of them will be automated.

The fact is that in Minecraft PE users will be able to use the night light sensor, which gives a signal at night. In general, the player with this mod gets the standard set of redstone related blocks. That is, pistons, red torches, repeaters and other blocks are now in play.


This addon for Minecraft PE differs from the others in that it introduces a real automatic quarry into the game. This build will collect a huge amount of items in no time at all.

However, you’ll have to build this very inexpensive structure. Unfortunately, you can only get it through Creative Mode.

By placing it next to the chest, you’ll have to mark the boundaries. After that, the container standing next to it will collect everything the quarry will get in Minecraft PE. That is, the user will not have to do anything. In the meantime, you can go fishing or build a house. Over time, the chest will fill with many different materials. So you will need to collect and carry them from time to time.


  • Where can I get redstone in MCPE?

    They are mined on the lower cave levels.
  • Is it complicated to mine redstone?

    No, an ordinary iron pickax can do the thing.


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