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School Maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download school map for Minecraft PE: nostalgic institutions will bring your memories back.

Description of the School map in Minecraft PE

Sooner or later, a thought creeps into the mind of a schoolboy or student, what about escaping from these underworlds?

That’s a feeling you can get when going through the school escape maps. It is for this reason that we will tell you about three of the best ones on the theme of school escape.

Escape School Team

Here, you will have to escape from the school together with your friends. Your escape will be opposed by an evil teacher. The location is quite detailed and pleasing to the eye.
For a better feel of the escapist atmosphere, you can install shaders or texture packs.
The author counts on cooperative play, but you can be alone.

School escape – dare to challenge?

It’s pretty creepy, as it takes place in an atmosphere of darkness and suspicion. The backstory is as follows: you have recently moved and are in school.
But immediately you suspect something is wrong and try to escape.It has its own texture pack: Stock. Make sure you use this one before you start the game.

Escape Middle School

Compared to the previous two, this map is larger and longer. On your way to the exit you will encounter:

  • Zombie students.
  • Teachers of skeletons.
  • The headmaster of the exterminator.

If you are going to record here, the author requires you to mention his name in the clip.


  • Can you play these maps in multiplayer?

    Yes, there a lot of options to play it with your friends.
  • How big a those schools?

    These institutions are quite large.
  • Are they played in Survival or Creative?

    You can play them in both of modes.


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