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Shapeshifter mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Shapeshifter mod for Minecraft PE: Transform into any mod and have fun.

With this mod you can transform yourself into any mod in Minecraft PE. Using a simple graphical interface, you can easily choose which mob you want to transform into. Each mob has been assigned its own ability. For example, if you are a spider, you can climb walls, and if you are a chicken, you can fly.

Mob Abilities

  • Spider – climb up walls;
  • Creeper – blow yourself up;
  • Sheep: Cut yourself a haircut, then eat the herbs, and do it again;
  • Enderman/EnderSlime: – teleport from one place to another by clicking on a block;
  • Chicken – fly;
  • And much more!

What can you do now?

In Minecraft, you can customise your human character. However, many players may want some variety in the Shapeshifter mod. Shape Shifter allows players to transform into one of the many monsters and creatures that roam the world of Minecraft. They are often referred to as mobs and are usually computer-controlled enemies. Some of them appear at night, while others move around during the day. Once this mod is installed, you can press a button to switch between the different forms.

There are many creatures in Minecraft PE, and they all have fantastic and unique features. Spiders can climb walls, skeletons and zombies burn in the sun, and vines can blow up anything.

However, players have always wanted to use these abilities for themselves. That is why the developers have created the Shapeshifter modification.

With the Shapeshifter addon for Minecraft, you can transform yourself into any mob you like in MCPE. For example, you can turn into a cave spider and climb up walls, stop time as a mod for MCPE or bite players to poison them.

With this Shapeshifter mod in Minecraft, you can turn into any mod in Minecraft PE. With a simple graphical interface, you can easily choose the time stopper mod for Minecraft you want to turn into. Each decay mod for Minecraft has its own ability.

This shapeshifter mod for Minecraft focuses on adding more items and ways to turn into a werewolf. Armour sets built from the remains of a boss to impersonate him and gain his abilities with the Time Stopper mod for Minecraft.

A nice touch is that the do-or-die mod for Minecraft you become is not just an aesthetic change. Your size and shape will also be adapted to the creature you turn into. For example, if you turn into a wolf in the Shapeshifter mod for MCPE, you’ll be able to walk through small spaces in jungle biomes that a human would not be able to get through. Currently, this feature only works in single player mode.


  • Can I turn into a villager in MCPE?

    Yep, you can become one.
  • Is it possible to turn into the Ender Dragon?

    Under the devs, you can do it.
  • Are you able to become a zombie villager?

    Yes, but you are incurable.


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