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Sonic Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.11.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the Sonic mod for Minecraft PE: the fastest creatures in the universe is now players’ friend.

Even though Sonic The Hedgehog is an incredibly popular universe and game series, and an animated film was recently released in general, Minecraft PE users aren’t that interested in the character.

Nevertheless, you can still find a worthwhile modification in the game that adds not only new mobs and items, but Sonic himself. You’ll be able to meet him in person.

As noted by the creators of the mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition users will have three different eggs, which will sleep the three most memorable characters.


Obviously, the Sonic mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition couldn’t do without the electric hedgehog himself.

The story behind Sonic’s superpowers is completely unknown, but what he can already do is impressive. For one thing, he’s apparently incredibly fast. Sonic is capable of covering huge distances in just a couple of seconds, which is his main advantage. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, by the way, he is your ally, who will be ready to destroy everyone and everything in his path for the sake of helping the player.

Dr. Eggman

The main adversary of the user and Sonic himself is, as always, Dr. Eggman, who will do everything he can to ruin the plans of the Minecraft PE heroes.

Be careful, though, because he’s quite dangerous. It turns out he will have a real flying ship at his disposal, capable of destroying the player’s buildings and more. That said, the best part is that after eliminating Eggman, players will be able to use this ship in Minecraft PE.

The user will be able to fly at high altitude and speed. In this way, you will get a convenient means of transportation.


  • Where do I find Sonic the Hedgehog in this MCPE mod?

    It spawns throughout the world.
  • When does Doctor Eggman spawn?

    It appears at night
  • Is Doctor Eggman strong?

    He is a relatively strong mob.


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