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Space mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download space mods for Minecraft PE: Explore the cosmos and discover new galaxies every time you travel.

Players who dream of feeling like an astronaut can finally do so in Minecraft PE. The space mod is specially designed for fans of rockets and stories about traveling to other planets.


A mod for those who love space and dream of building their own rocket. In the game world of Minecraft PE appears a real, big rocket with which you can go on a journey.


  • The rocket looks like a copy of the real Falcon 9, but only one Minecraft PE user can fit inside.
  • The construction is controlled by a carrot on a stick. The fuel is an experience potion.
  • The developer has provided a special spacesuit that will replace the standard armor.

New planet

The author of the mod has changed the dimension of Edge in Minecraft PE, presenting it as an area of vast space. To get to another planet, you just need to build an Edge portal.

In this case, the space suit is a redesigned leather armor. The main feature of the modification is the changed gravity, which is closer to real life.

The Moon and Mars

Space conquerors in Minecraft PE should install this mod. The creator of the addon has given players the opportunity to visit two planets. On the moon you can make big jumps, because the gravity there is different.

On Mars, the gravity is more like that of Earth, and the surface of the planet has a beautiful scarlet color. To start a trip in My Power PI you need to enter the command /Function and select the desired direction.

By the way, the developer has populated the planet with space zombies in spacesuits.

Do not forget about the space suit, so that the character can breathe on the other planets.


  • How do I fly to space in MCPE?

    You do not need to fly up since mods change different already existing game aspects.
  • How do I find those spaceships?

    Wait the night and they'll come up.
  • What happened to the End?

    Now, the End is supposed to be space.


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