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Star Wars Maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Star Wars maps for Minecraft PE: cosmic adventures continue with new places to visit, enemies to fight, and quest to complete.

Star Wars maps for Minecraft PE

Star Wars is an iconic series of movies, cartoons, comics and more. They are so popular that various toys, constructors and computer games are made based on them.

The Star Wars theme has not escaped from Minecraft PE, which is why cool maps have emerged.


This location is a large park of Star Wars universe, here you can see many different buildings and characters from the movie. For example, you can ride the Darth Vader roller coaster or visit the ferris wheel with a picture of a Stormtrooper.
If you wanted to visit a spaceship, there is a Star Destroyer to go inside and see the whole thing. The area is really fun and interesting, you can run around with your friends and use the rides here.


This map will show you most of the equipment from the Star Wars movie. There are huge robots that look like a fantastic creature, also resembling a dog because of their body structure.

They deal a lot of damage to enemies. Very effective, both on land and against flying ships.
In addition to the usual tank vehicles, the map has the legendary Millennium Falcon, which piloted Han Solo in the movie.

In Minecraft PE you have the opportunity to go inside the ship and explore it, visit the control centre, rest rooms, technical compartment and much more.


  • Are there any NPCs on these Star Wars Maps?

    No, but you can play with your friends if you feel lonely.
  • Do those AT-ATs move?

    No, they're just decorations.
  • Should I play it on Survival?

    Creative mode would be better for the exploration.


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