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Superheroes Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the superhero mod for Minecraft PE: become invincible and save an entire village.

How do I become a superhero in the game?

Unfortunately, all items are only available in the creative mode inventory. But you can also use third-party mods to get the items you need, like Simple Commands. If you’re using this super hero mod for Minecraft PE, you’ll need to enter the following command to get it: /give id quantity.


Is a mutant that has abilities in amazing agility and teleportation. This hero has two special items:

  • Teleportation can be obtained by pressing the “lr” button on the right side of the screen;
  • a powerful sword.

Martian Hunter

Has all the skills and abilities to be a real detective. Strength, speed and resistance are just a few examples of his abilities.

The Mob has the ability to walk through walls with a special device. He also has a flying machine.


Best known for his abilities in fast health regeneration and claws that can tear an enemy apart.


He has high speed and spider-like abilities. With his special item you can create a web around yourself to block monsters from moving on you.


A hero who has a black sense of humor and some incredible abilities.

Deadpool has two items, a katana and a teleporter. Hit the ground with the teleporter to teleport.


A green and incredibly powerful character. The mob has two special items that you can use to teleport and blast away.

Superman in Minecraft PE

Possesses almost all of the abilities. Some of these include the ability to fly, super speed, incredible strength, super agility, regeneration, fire resistance and the ability to breathe underwater. The Mob also has a special laser mechanism.

Flash in Minecraft PE

Faster than any other superhero.


  • Download the archive with the mod from the link below and unzip it;
  • Open BlockLauncher and go to settings;
  • go to “Texture Pack” and click on “Import”;
  • find the texture and click on it to install;
  • go to “ModPE-scripts” and click on “Add”;
  • find the API script [].js and click on it to install.


  • Can I become Spiderman in the Superhero Mod for MCPE?

    Yes, you can become one.
  • Is it possible to be Hulk?

    For sure, you can gain the superpowers of his.
  • Are there Thanos gears?

    No, you cannot become a supervillain.


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