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Train Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download train mod for Minecraft PE: real railways and other mechanic stuff has been added to the game.

Steam Train Addon

The team has found some mods for you that will add trains to the game with practical and decorative applications.


The addon will bring a real full-size train to the game. It is based on the Japanese high-speed locomotive index 115. It looks incredibly cool in Minecraft PE, with its own rails and electrical wires. The author of the mod did a great job and he managed to create an exact replica of the train from Japan.


A mod that improves the existing carriages in the game, without particularly changing their functionality. It will be possible to connect the carriages to each other, thereby making a train out of them.

If the carriages ride separately, and they suddenly touch each other, they will change their direction in the opposite direction. They have their own craft, so that such a handy feature is not free, you need simple carriages and a leash with a hook to make connecting carriages. They are also special in that you can connect as many as you have the range to see.


This addon adds a new vehicle to the game: a working locomotive. It rides on standard rails, and you can ride it yourself. But apart from that, its interesting feature is that it has a vault where you can transfer resources. It’s very easy to control, you just press forward and look in the direction you want to go. But if you think it’s that simple, you’re wrong. The locomotive needs coal to work. It’s going to be very interesting in survival.


  • Are the trains fast?

    Yes, they are quite swift.
  • How can I craft it in MCPE?

    These trains cannot be crafted.
  • How do I get a train in this MCPE Addon?

    You need to use your Creative mode powers.


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