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Undertale Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Undertale mod for Minecraft PE: two greatest games collide in one masterpiece.

Are you an Undertale fan? Do you love Sans (the Undertale character)? This add-on will make your dream come true! The mod adds the most popular Undertale character, Sans. He’s strong and fast and will judge or protect you.

Also, the well-known, but also mysterious W.D. Gaster is added to the game. His incredible strength has made him one of the most powerful mobs in the game.


He’s so powerful he can kill practically any monster! He has 4 ways to attack enemy creatures. He’s able to dodge all sorts of attacks, and his health is infinite.

  • Orange Bones – If Sans applies this ability, the attacked mobs will become much slower and vulnerable to various attacks.
  • Bait – If baited, the attacked mobs will be slowed down. Sansa’s most common attack, dealing less damage but still dangerous.
  • Blue Dice – This attack causes a creature to float above the ground and then fall down, taking damage from the fall until it dies.
  • Dice – Sans throws dice and deals heavy damage.
  • Guster’s Arrows – These are summoned by Sansom and when attacked set the target on fire, dealing 50% health damage.

Sansa’s second stage

If Sans doesn’t kill the target in 1 minute, he moves on to the next phase where he summons a large number of Riflemen.

Chara & Frisk

Chara and Frisk is one character with a split personality. She may look cute and harmless, but Frisk is controlled by Chara – a deadly assassin!
If Frisk discovers her target, she immediately transforms into Chara and attacks the victim using her Blood Knives skill!

Bloody Knife

Bloody knife are thrown by Chara. This attack slows and prevents the target from escaping.
You can lure Chara and Frisk to your side. To do so, you’ll need her knives. To get the knives, you must enter the command /give @s chara:item. Then right-click on Chara/Friska with the knife in your hand.
Chara will now follow you and protect you by attacking all hostile mobs!


A more powerful version of Xans. Xans is a hostile mob and can kill anyone!
Use bones and lures in their attacks as well as Sans.

  • Damage: 100.
  • Damage from Guster’s shooters: 200.

Xans can switch modes, so you can’t hide from him in Creation. Has a second stage, which you’ll have to find out for yourself (share your emotions about Xans’ second stage in the comments).

W.D. Gaster

A secret Undertale character. He’s not as friendly as Sans, he will attack all hostile mobs and the PLAYER.
On his first stage, he summons Gaster’s Riflemen and Black Lure.
If Guster fails to kill the target within 12 seconds, he will advance to his second stage.
Guster’s second stage is very dangerous! He has a large number of powerful shooters and is difficult to target as he also begins to fly. Good luck with Guster!


Fan grotesque from another universe. Funniest grotesque ever. It’s short but very powerful.

Tom Blasters

More powerful than Guster’s Arrows, this skil can be fatal for you.

Sanes Bombs

These will be hidden underground, be careful, they do a lot of damage.

Bloody Gaster

The Bloody Gaster, from the universe of UNDERBLOOD, is the most powerful mob in his universe!

Installing Sans & W.D. Gaster mod (.mcaddon):

  1. Download the mod file marked .mcaddon from the link below.
  2. Simply open the files (via ES Explorer on Android) and the game will install everything you need.
  3. Start Minecraft and go to edit the world.
  4. Select Texture Sets.
  5. Find the texture pack and activate it.
  6. Select Option Sets.
  7. Find the add-on and activate it.

Mod installed, enjoy the game!


  • How many new mobs are in Minecraft PE?

    There are 7 new creatures, 3 of which are bosses.
  • Are there any new items?

    No, devs didn't add any new items into MCPE.
  • Where can I find Endermen?

    Asriel now replaces all Endermen in the game.


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