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Vampire Craft addon for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the vampire mod for Minecraft PE: become the terrible creature of the night.

They are dangerous creatures, usually appearing in games, movies, TV series and even cartoons. But they have also appeared in Minecraft PE, thanks to the mods and addons that we will tell you about in this article.


This addon brings to Minecraft Pocket Edition new and dangerous mobs. They attack everything in a row, even simple cows or sheep, this bloodsuckers replenish their health. Their weakness is the sun, as bloodsuckers will burn under the scorching rays. It’s not easy to kill, a vampire has more life than a zombie.

Zombies, cadavers and even zombie dwellers are replaced by vampires. This replacement doesn’t make the game worse, due to the lack of zombies. After all, even the village bloodsucker can be healed, just like it was done on the zombie inhabitants.

In addition to this there are 2 items in the addon. A healing star, which is needed to heal and turn into a resident. Also a special cloak, or other vampire cape, that gives the user the ability to fly.


With this addon the player transforms into a famous vampire named Count Dracula. The user will have new abilities, these are increased intelligence, which is needed to control the magic wand, and you will also die from the sun.

In the top corner of the screen will be stats with your skills, it includes intelligence level, blood reserve, power and others.


  • How much health does Dracula have in Vampire Mod for MCPE?

    It has 40 HP.
  • Can I kill a vampire without a stake?

    Yes, you can but will deal less damage.
  • What do I do with their teeth?

    You can craft a unique sword.


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