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Village Maps for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download Village Maps for Minecraft PE: small settlements, huge castles and majestic buildings are now in the game.

The best Village Maps for Minecraft on Android

We’ve collected the best and most popular maps for the village or what’s associated with it in Minecraft PE. You can briefly read and download each of them at the bottom of the article.

Medieval Village

You always wanted to know how people lived in the times of knights and kingdoms. Then this map will show you the architecture of that time, stone houses, wooden huts or deep mines and high towers. Nowadays you can do it very quickly because there are machines. At that time everything was done by hand. The map is suitable for a thematic survival or for your inspiration.

Required version of meinkraft 1.8+

Maritime Village

This village is literally located on the Plov. It’s anchored to the seabed with small poles, and the houses are well detailed, both on land and in the water. The author of the map was inspired by a real village in Southeast Asia. The village uses new blocks like the bell, the barrel and so on.

Required version of Meinkraft 1.9+

Big Smurfs Village

This map is based on cartoons and movies about blue people called Smurfs. This map inserts their home village directly into Minecraft PE. Smurfs live in magic mushrooms, it looks very cool and unusual in Minecraft, the village itself is very big. Every house and crevice is completely thought out. Even a huge tree in the middle of the village!

Required version of meinkraft 1.10.

Review of the update “Village And Pillage”

This map shows you absolutely everything that the new update adds to the game Minecraft PE. Every craft and every block. Mechanisms and new features, you’ll learn all this in this map. You’ll like it if you don’t feel like reading a bunch of different information and want to learn everything about the game.


  • Why are there walls around the villages in MCPE?

    In the past, people had to protect themselves from any kind of danger.
  • Are the castles big?

    Yes, most of the castles you'll find are enormous.
  • Can I succeed in survival on those maps?

    Yes, they have everything you want to survive.


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