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Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.21 for Android
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Download the Wither Storm mod for Minecraft PE: new bosses and challenges are now available.

Do you want to fight a strong boss? Then your choice is obvious – the WITHER STORM mod will give you an exciting battle with a tough boss, which has been given six stages of battle. For each stage you’ll have to choose your own tactics: potions, weapons, armor – everything will have to be calculated and applied wisely to overpower your enemy. Boss is quite possible to kill, but to do so you’ll have to try and use all your battle skills in Minecraft.

Stage One

It’s still the same Exterminator with the command unit, which also shoots the Exterminator’s heads off and destroys blocks. He’s going to kill anything that moves.

  • Health: 999999;
  • Power: 1313 units.

Second to Fourth Stage

If not dealt with in time, the Exhaustor will clothe himself in something dark and uncharted. Stage four will have three heads – hurry up.

  • Health: 999999;
  • Power: 1313.

Stage Five

Stage five is the last chance to defeat the boss, otherwise it will be impossible. Thousands of blocks surround the monster. A powerful laser can penetrate anything.

  • Health: 999999 999999;
  • Power: 1313.

The final stage

This is the end. The weather will change to a thunderstorm. The real Storm Exterminator is coming. The player will dissolve from the monster’s attack in an instant.

  • Health: 999999 999999;
  • Strength: 1313 1313.

How do I spawn a boss?

Use the spawn eggs or with a command block.

Changes in new version

  • Fixed numerous bugs;
  • Improved boss model.


  • How do spawn the monster from the Wither Storm mod in MCPE?

    It's summoned the same way.
  • Are there new blocks in the game?

    No, there are only two new bosses.
  • Why can't I summon the Epic Drowned?

    It's because it is available only on the Chinese version.


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